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ALINDA: Прессрелиз

Музыка: Space-rock, Post-rock, Shoegaze Откуда: Киев (Украина) Состав: Махник Максим – гитара Лагода Денис – клавиши Стародубцев Иван – ударные…

4.08.2018 WRCKG Coschey Photoreport

6 YEARS of VERA LINGUA! Photoreport from Kostya Poveda

6 YEARS of VERA LINGUA! Photoreport from Paher

Uberyou in Kyiv (Photo&Video report)

April Space Trip video report

Short video report from our space trip with friend band Edwin Hubble. So, enjoy it!

Alinda — Why Do You Twinkle?

Our Kyiv friends recorded new awesome album!Why Do You Twinkle by Alinda

Some videos from Invasion of Post-Rock FEST


21.05.15 — Akuna Matata, Harkiv (Photo report)

SINOBOLA 5 YEARS (video report)

Вот наш маленький ранее обещанный отчет с концерта в Полтаве, посвященному 5-летию группы SINOBOLA! Ребята все сами организовали, и назначили…

Short photo report Sinobola’s birthday (From Maria Golovacheva)

День рождения Sinobola Любителям пост-рока посвящается =) 17 мая в клубе Вилла Крокодила состоялся крутейший пост-рок сейшн Полтавы в честь…

SpaceFest IV (Video report)

Vera Lingua feat. Sick — GEBO (New Video)

Our friend Sick, from band Asylum, made vokal version of Gebo! Enjoy!

Space Fest IV: A new hope. Report from DailyMetal!

Буває таке, що йдеш на якийсь концерт, який тобі довго розхвалювали, але особисто для себе зовсім не знаєш, чого очікувати….

Cooking with Vera Lingua #2

Ok! Now we made new Cooking with Vera Lingua!

Atomic Simao — PolyBrothers (single, remixes)

We made one of fourteen remixes for new single for guys from Atomic Simao! Enjoy for listening! Poly by ATOMIC…


Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy new year! 2014th year gave for us many positive things and negative. It was very saturated…

Vera Lingua — Wollemia (Studio live)

Живая студийная запись трека Wollemia, который вошел в альбом Sounds of The Earth (2014). Большое спасибо: Студии pystelnuk.Art За…

06.12.2014 — Album presentation (Photoreport)

Thanks to «Yellow Tip Trauck» for photos! Link to photographers

It’s a fucking holiday today! After release «Edwin Hubble — About» our friends from Odessa Total-Empty released their fifth album!…

Hi! Our friends from Kyiv have 2 occasion for celebrate! It’s 125’th anniversary of Edwin Hubble and they released their debut…

Sounds of The Earth (2014) New! Вы можете поддержать группу и приобрести альбом на таких сервисах: Так же вы можете проверить…

Hey! Our new album is ready for listening and we hasten to present to You! Greet! Sounds of The Earth!…

Spacefest III Tykva Photo report

2nd november was held third Spacefest, where participated such ukrainian bands, as: Way Station Alinda Vera Lingua Edwin Hubble Sleeping…

Cooking with Vera Lingua #1

This is our trying to make a video about our cooking. 🙂 So, push thumb up and subscribe our youtube chanel!

pystelnukArt srudio

Let us introduce a musical studio, where we recorded and mastered our tracks, which were included in the second album. This…

Sinobola — What Would Happen If Everyone Were Watching the Stars?

Our friends from Poltava recorded the album! Congrats! Great work!

SpaceFEST II Photo report

R.B. Projekt presentation Photo report

Sleeping Bear — Sleeping Bear

Our friends from Kyiv presented their first album! Enjoy for litening! LastFM

Space House Bochka Photo report

POST UNIVERSE II | FRIGATE Photo-video report

Thanks to Artem for organization POST UNIVERSE II! It was amazing! Amazing music, amazing people, pleasant atmosphere! Wondefull FEST!  

Alinda — Comets tales

Our friends from Kyiv rerecorded their album without vocal! It’s the best ukrainian postrock, imho! Download album!

Bochka Video report

Thanks Yury Gryaznov for videos!

3AXID 2013 Photo-Video report

Terra Movendi Atmosphere Dark & Scary Pathology

Artworks for any track of Terra Movendi album

Special thanks to Tania Razvodovskaya for paintings!

Unsigned Char — Logos

Our friends from Kyiv relised their album!

3AXID 2012 Photo report

Yep! Our photos from Zaxid 2012! Link to report about our playing by Andrew:

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